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Childcare, Health & Social Care

Explore the rewarding industries of nurturing young children and making a positive impact on the welfare of vulnerable communities. By studying Childcare and Health and Social Care, you will gain the knowledge and skills to shape the future of well-being.

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Why study here?

If you are dedicated, motivated and have a caring nature, both the Childcare and Health and Social Care sectors offer a wide variety of career opportunities to make most of your invaluable talents. At HRC, we have close links with local day nurseries and primary schools, providing students with the practical, hands-on experience needed to succeed in this area. Our Health and Social Care students carry out necessary work experience in care homes and day centres to help understand what is required from a career in the sector.

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We offer a wide range of courses if your ambition is to work with young children, whether you are currently working with children and want to gain additional qualifications or have no formal qualifications or experience. Whichever path you take, you’ll be choosing an incredibly rewarding career where you’ll make a difference to people in your community every single day.

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