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Preparation for Progression Level 1 (Cert) Yr 2

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Many people with learning difficulties and disabilities want to move on to courses in a vocational subject and employment, but lack the confidence, English and Maths levels to do so.

This course acts as a supported introduction to college, helping you to make the transition from school with confidence and to gain the social, academic and employment skills you need to progress.

What makes the Preparation for Progression Entry Level 3 at HRC special?

  • You will work towards the achievement of:
    The Gateway Diploma in Progression qualification at Entry level 3.
  • You will continue to develop your Maths and English Skills.
    The course enables you to take Functional English and Maths exams, which will help you move on to vocational education.
  • You will gain employability skill.
    All students will access work experience either ‘on site’ or in the community. College students are supported to volunteer in areas where they feel comfortable and happy whilst they mix with members of the local community. Examples are Hertfordshire Independent Living Service, The Grange, charity shops and on-site placements within other Departments or within our own completing projects such as Ware in Bloom. You will gain confidence in the community and explore your interests.
  • You will work towards good health.
    In Health and Wellbeing you will explore different ways to keep fit and healthy. You will take part in differentiated exercise or enrichment and be able to choose from Sport and other leisure activities Some of these will be in the community and some will be on-site. We also focus on personal hygiene and healthy eating.
  • You will work towards independence.
    Communication is everything. We focus on supporting you to extend your communication, however you choose to communicate. We use strategies to help you maximise your independence in practical tasks, as well as handling money and personal budgeting.
  • You will work towards community inclusion.
    Community Inclusion is also high on our agenda. Many sessions will take place in the community. We use public transport where appropriate to ensure you develop confidence in using different modes of transport. We uses shops and local facilities to ensure all you experiences are set in ‘real life’ and support you to be not full included but also contribute to our local community where possible. Inclusion and Diversity are high on our agenda and all groups will visit some key places that represent different cultures to provide a wider understanding our diverse community.
  • You will work towards making positive friendships and relationships.
    A college day is a busy day. You will be working closely with your peers and support staff and tutors in your class. You tutor and supports will enable you to practise your friendship choices and, for example, accompany you to buy lunch in town with a friend. We also have a closely monitored safe Facebook group where you can learn to use Facebook safely with support and stay in touch with your friends during term time. Your Personal Tutor is in close contact with your parents/carers at all times and will arrange meeting to review your progress and future options.
  • Class groups are small to aid learning.
  • Timetables and activities are differentiated to meet your needs and interests, wherever possible.
What do our students say?

“I feel more confident going to mainstream now that we’ve visited and looked around”

“My English and maths is much better now. Exams used to stress me out, but I know I will be able to pass the exam now”

“I really like it at college; I like that you get treated as an adult and can go into town for lunch”.

After you have successfully completed this course, you can choose to:
  • Enter into employment or supported employment
  • Apply to one of our full-time Level 1 courses
  • Apply for volunteering roles in an area that is of interest to you.
We will help you to learn a wide range of skills that will develop your independence at home, work and in the wider community, including how to:
  • Work on your own and as part of a team
  • Communicate with a range of familiar and unfamiliar people
  • Improve your English, maths and ICT skills
  • Explore different employment avenues, through vocational options, volunteering and work experience
  • Develop practical, everyday skills relating to personal budgeting, healthy living and living more independently
  • Recognise your own strengths and areas for development, working on personal targets to progress and achieve your goals.
You will have the opportunity to take part in additional activities:
  • Travel training – Travel trainer work with young people from Hertford Regional College and North Hertfordshire College.
  • Work experience appropriate to your ability from working onsite in our learning centre or canteen, in our local community in a variety of shops and businesses and further afield in placements of choice.
  • Trips for fun organised by you, educational trips to local services and facilities and community provisions, and trips to promote diversity and British Values. These include going bowling, Thorpe Park, Winter Wonderland and the local theatre.
  • The opportunity to continue with sports at our local Sports Centre if this is your choice. Enrichment opportunities are Music, Computing or craft. At Christmas time the Department hosts our very own “Millbrook’s Got Talent” when students are encouraged to perform their own act, which is generally followed by a student disco.
  • We have themed days such as Pet days, Diversity days, Student Development days and the Sunflower Café provides a Christmas lunch for the Department which is a lovely day where we all eat together,
  • A variety of on or offsite vocational options from cutting down trees in our woodland management program to helping feed the birds of prey in our farm option and if you are more creative how about designing the sets for and appearing in a show in art or drama.
  • Hosting visitors and visiting places in the community such as Guide dogs for the Blind, Fire Service, Community Police, Herts Air Ambulance, First Aid trainers.
  • Structured, timetabled classes, combined with a more flexible, bespoke approach, wherever possible.
  • Some students will have support in their transition to College by a Post 16 Transition Support Worker and an SLD Transition Support Worker.
  • We assess and monitor your ECHP Targets and support your EHCP review and update your Educational Targets
  • We assess and monitor your Course Targets and keep your work in your folders.
  • You will get a Certificate after completion of your course each year. Assessment is portfolio based and is continuous throughout the year assessed through practical assignments and a portfolio of evidence, including written assignments, reflective accounts and witness statements. All work will receive verbal and written feedback. Grammar and punctuation will play a key focus and learners will be encouraged to identify and make improvements.
  • Functional Skills will be assessed though exams, with access arrangements available, subject to assessment.
To take on this course you will need:
  • To be working at Entry level 2-3 in English and maths
  • Upon completion of an application, all learners will be invited along with a parent/carer/guardian to attend an interview where the learner will be introduced to the college (some learners may already be familiar with the college and its facilities). This is an opportunity for all interested parties to view our facilities, meet other members of staff and ask any questions. There are no formal entry requirements as individual diagnostic assessments will be carried out to assess learners’ needs, levels and suitability for the course.
If you would like help understanding our entry requirements, please give our Information Team a call on 01992 411411.
  • A4 note pad, pen, memory stick and appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.
  • Please be advised that this is a fee to cover the general cost of curriculum delivery both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is wide a varied and also includes opportunities to visit and experience learning out of the classroom in real life environments. This is not always free and there are costs involved when providing safety equipment, travel and other resources. Each course has been costed separately and some may vary from one another due to resource requirements.
  • Following a successful application and course offer you will receive further course information regarding permission for trips and visits including media consent. Delay in receipt of this will cause a delay in the participation of off site activities
  • If you think you would benefit from financial support we have bursary options available for those who meet the criteria. Please note, this funding is not guaranteed and is subject to availability at the time of application. If you would like financial support, contact our Information Team on 01992 411411 or
Please be advised that there is a fee to cover the general cost of curriculum delivery both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is wide a varied and also includes opportunities to visit and experience learning out of the classroom in real life environments. As I am sure you are aware this is not always free and there are costs involved when providing safety equipment, travel and other resources. Each course has been costed separately and some may vary from one another due to resource requirements.If you are having difficulties paying due to financial hardship please contact HRC Information Centre on 01992 411411

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Preparation for Progression Level 1 (Cert) Yr 2
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