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Programmes for
Ages 14-16

This programme is designed to re-engage 14–16-year-olds in a college environment to develop their wellbeing, entrepreneurial and employability skills alongside Functional Skills Maths and English. Students attending The Alternative Programme (TAP) will have the opportunity to further develop skills across a range of units at level 1, enabling them to make informed choice regarding their future prospects.

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Courses Available

College 16 - 19
University Level
Adult Learners

Why study here?

The focus of vocational learning allows students to explore various industries, expanding their perspective and contributing to informed decisions regarding future progression routes upon completing the programme. The experienced lecturers leading the programme specialise in teaching young individuals who may not have thrived in a traditional school setting, ensuring a supportive and tailored learning environment.

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This programme offers a unique opportunity for students to delve into various units that are connected to both employability and business, facilitating the development of crucial social skills and promoting overall wellbeing. A distinct feature of the programme involves hands-on work experience directly aligned with the students chosen career path, encouraging practical application of the employability units covered.

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